Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa's Baby

Tell me what you think. Here's an excerpt:

"Night, Kendra," he said. The sound pulled her out of her thoughts like cold water. When she looked up, he was standing at the edge of the hallway. His eyes were gentle and his smile was kind. Pity had never looked so sweet.

"Night, Nicholas," she answered softly.

She turned over onto her side and huffed once more. That was it. She wasn't going to think about it anymore. In the grand scheme of life none of it mattered anyway. This was just one week out of the year that she was going to have to face him. She just had to get through a few more days and then she could head back home and put this embarrassing day behind her. It took a while for these new devil-may-care thoughts to stick, but soon they did. That or a day full of nervous tension had finally taken its toll on her body. Eventually she did fall asleep to the sounds of people stirring in the apartment, muffled talking through closed doors, and the sound of the TV whirring quietly in front of her.

That's when she had the dream.

She was lying on the couch and Nicholas was walking through the door, looking at her. But instead of him saying goodnight and leaving he knelt beside her, tilting her face up to his. His lips were soft on hers, just like they were in all her fantasies. She moaned and whispered his name, feeling herself give into the kiss. There was no need to be embarrassed now, not when he was kissing her cheek, down the length of her neck, over the thin fabric of her tank top where it covered her breasts. He kissed down the length of her stomach, moving aside the sheet so that her legs could be revealed in her pajama shorts. Strong hands spread her legs and lifted one so that it was draped over his broad shoulder. His eyes were on hers as he kissed her thigh softly, moving up to the indent between her inner thigh and the outer lip of her pussy. He pulled aside the fabric of her shorts, never taking his eyes off of her as he lowered his lips to her waiting slit.

Kendra gasped, eyes snapping open from the dream. Her breathing was ragged and she felt her body shifting, moving to a rhythm that would push her towards orgasm. But she knew all at once that it wasn't because of her fingers and it wasn't because of that ridiculously powerful dream.

She looked down in shock and lust at where Nicholas's head was nestled between her thighs. His eyes were on hers, laughing in the flickering gray light of the TV as he slurped her throbbing pussy with his mouth. No words. No smiles except for the one in his eyes. He didn't let up, or pull away. He just roughly pulled her shorts farther open so that he could have more access to the wet heat between her thighs, and picked up the speed of his tongue. The subtle sounds of him suckling her tender flesh, the sight of his eyes on hers, and the feeling of his rough tongue penetrating her made her arch her back and widen her shaking legs.

This couldn't be happening. This had to be another part of the dream. She was almost convinced that she had been wrong about waking up. But then he sucked hard on her clit, flicking it with his tongue so fast it could have been powered by batteries, and her hands twisted into the couch, gripping it as her hips rocked against his merciless mouth. This was real. He was real. And soon she was really going to come. How long had he been there, when had he walked in and knelt between her legs to taste her? How many of those soft, gentle kisses in her dream had been real? And why did she care? Did any of that even matter when he was swirling his tongue inside her throbbing pussy? No, it didn't, especially not when she was so close to coming she thought was going to scream.

She whimpered and bit down on the flesh of her palm, trying not to cry out as her body shivered. Her juices were running out of her, hot and sticky and being devoured by his waiting mouth. In the last moments before she came, he lifted her hips slightly off the couch, sitting up so that she had no choice but to stare up at him as he gripped her thighs and licked long and hard at the juncture between them. He never took his eyes off of her face, as if he were recording the sight of her coming. As if he hadn't already seen that once before.

Her voice cracked loudly in the quiet apartment as she came, causing her to bite down on her lip and arch her back so that her pussy lay snuggly against his face. He growled into her pouting folds, making her shiver and whimper as he licked away all of the sweet evidence of what his lips and tongue could do to her. The light from the TV caught his eyes at the exact moment he released her shaking thighs, giving them an eerie and sexy glow that made her pussy thump with the aftershocks. Her juices glistened on his lips and chin and he wiped them off with his thumb before licking it thoroughly. He leaned over her, his eyes capturing hers and making her gasp.

He paused just inches away from her face and whispered, "I needed to see for myself."

Her breath was a shudder, her words a quivering whisper. "I...what ...?"

"I needed to see if you taste as good as I thought you did."
Every cell of her body stood at attention when he lowered his hips over her widespread ones and ground his cock into her thrumming pussy.

"You taste better, sweetheart. So much better..."

His lips spread into a smile, but his eyes looked like melted chocolate when they bore into hers.

"But you already know that, don't you?" he asked, rubbing his nose against hers, teasing her by bringing up her earlier taste test, and by brushing his lips softly over hers before pulling away. "You want another taste."

She gasped, from the way he pressed himself hard and slow into her mound, and the way he said that last sentence as if it were a statement of fact. He wasn't asking her. He was telling her that she wanted to taste what he had done to her. If it meant she could feel his lips on hers then he was right. She couldn't find words, but when she lifted her face upwards and licked the entrance to his mouth with the tip of her tongue he took that for her answer.

Suddenly she was being pressed hard into the couch, the warmth of his bare chest seeping through the cotton of her tank top, her breasts tingling and straining against him. His tongue all but pillaged her mouth, leaving no corner unexplored. His kiss was hungry and forceful, so different from the tender caress she had envisioned. But that daydream didn't compare to the real thing, and soon she found herself wet and ready again. She heard him moan as she pushed her pelvis up hard into his, and brought her hands to his shoulders to clasp him more tightly to her. Her shorts were still slightly askew and part of her bare pussy was rubbing against the hard length of him hidden within his sweatpants. He grabbed one of her hands and shoved it roughly between their bodies, sitting up slightly so that he could watch her hand work over his cock.

Her heart beat in an erratic and heavy rhythm as she caught sight of the width and length outlined in gray cotton and fitted in her hand. She tugged his sweatpants down his hips and watched as that heavy rod of flesh sprang free, bobbing and then settling against his stomach. Her hand stroked lightly at first, twisting up and down the shaft while she watched his face. His breath was shallow, but it wasn't until he grasped her hand and clasped it tightly around hers so that she was squeezing his cock hard, that his breath stuttered out of him. Her hand became a clenched fist, jerking hard and sharp close to the head while his hips pumped into her hand. He had one arm draped over the back of the couch; the other was reaching down to cup a full breast, teasing the nipple that shone dark through the flimsy white material. She arched with a gasp into his touch, feeling his hand travel down her stomach until it was dipping into her shorts. She braced one foot on the floor so that her legs could spread wider to accommodate his roving fingers.

"God, I wanna fuck you so bad, Kendra," he said, a hushed groan escaping his full parted lips. "It's all I could think about all day. If you hadn't run away earlier, I would have by now."

He reached between her legs, stroking over her wet, silky lips with his fingertips.

"You gonna let me fuck you, sweetheart? Hm?"

She shivered as he slid a long calloused finger inside of her, swirling it around to test her desire. She was so wet and ready that before she could even nod she was squeezing the head of his cock harder and he was pulling her shorts down her hips. Reason started to trickle in then and it made her wonder if they shouldn't go into his bedroom. Maybe they should stop and talk this through. Weren't things going too fast?

And then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

This was Nicholas! He was kneeling over her, dying to touch her, telling her how much he was dying to fuck her. Her mind flashed back to that serious look that was on his face when he started to come around the side of the bed. It looked exactly like the expression on his face now as he leaned back and she brought her legs in front of her to help him lift her shorts all the way off. If she hadn't run, she might have already felt him inside of her and learned that he wasn't angry but turned on when he found her kneeling and coming on his bed. Still, just before he shoved his pants down his hips and leaned over her, she pinched her thigh, smiling when she felt the sharp prick of pressure that told her this really wasn't a dream.

He lowered himself over her, pausing before entering her to shove her tank top up above her breasts. The jiggled slightly at being so abruptly revealed, and he watched them for a moment, his lips curving into a smile before he leaned down and sucked one into his mouth. The suction of his mouth was harder than she would have expected, with his tongue and teeth jabbing and rolling against her swollen nipples. Her gasps were starting to turn into moans. They started off hushed, but when his hand shot up to cup her breast while his mouth moved on to the other one, the sounds of her pleasure started to intensify. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed him harder into her aching flesh, her hips bucking against his and her voice calling out his name.

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Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

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