Monday, December 3, 2012

Adam and Amanda

Here's a bit of a story that I am working on. Just a bit because I am still working out where it will go.

Adam and Amanda (c) 2012

Amanda sat in her small but decent dress room; she was lost in the thoughts of the past year. She had so much to be thankful and all the hard work had really paid off. She was right where she wanted to be but there was this part of her that would always be missing. She kept remembering how it felt to walk away from the love of her life. She had craved his affection. Even now her nipples were hardening with just thought of him. She could feel the pooling of her juices. She squeezed her legs together rubbing her thighs hoping for just a small release.

There was a knock at the door. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and went to see who was at the door.

“Just a minute” she said straitening her hair and shimmery gold outfit that should her cleavage and honey brown skin. She has happy she decided to lose that extra ten pounds her thin frame made this outfit pop even more.

Opening the door, “Yes”

“We have a delivering for you.” one of the back stage managers said.

“Oh Ok”

“Ok bring the flowers.” The man shouted.

Amada looked with a curious look. Who could have sent her flowers? She thought to herself. Very few even knew that she had gotten this gig since she was replacing the person who had gotten ill at the last minute. Her eyes widened as vase after vase of long stem roses entered her dressing room. When it was all said and done she had 13 vases of long stem roses. She could barely see herself in the mirror. The last one in with the last vase handed her a card that simply said, “To my love”.


It was a full house. The crowd was electrifying. People were dancing, shouting, drinking and having a good time. The band was playing the latest hits and stage hands were finalizing the sound for the first act. Amanda was standing in the wings, shaking off her nerves and rehearsing in her head what her coach from the voice, Adam Levine had told her.

“Be yourself, people want to see you, Amanda Brown.” He would say with that smile that only Adam can flash. She shook her head from side to side, jump up and down a few times and let her arms bounce while shaking her legs out. She was going to go out there and give the performance of her life. This was want she had wanted all her life.

"I can’t do this, I. Can. Not. Do. This," she whispered over and over again, her pulse quickening with anxiety.

"Yes, you can, Manda. You do this every gig you have," her make-up artist and hair-stylist, Valerie said as she massaged her shoulders. "Let’s not do this routine again,” she began, "I believe in you, America believes in you and that sweet and sexy Adam Levine believes in you. What more do you need. You're going to go out there and make magic. This is only the beginning for you."

Amanda smiled weakly, knowing that she was right. She slowly inhaled and slowly exhaled and repeated it again. She felt a sense of calm spread over her, the unsure, twenty-seven year old girl disappear into her subconscious while the Amanda Brown: the star emerged.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about," Valerie said with a smile as she silently clapped enthusiastically. “Go get ‘em Lioness.”

She looked over her shoulder with a smirk and threw her shoulders back and strutted confidently on stage. She greeted the crowd with a Big “thank You” and “I love you America” blowing kisses and waving to them.

When the music started, she said, “This one for my coach, from the Voice, Adam Levine, without him I would not be here. Thanks Adam.” She began to belted out the lyrics like she was born to be on stage, true to form she flirted with the guitarist and bass player. She went to the edge of the stage and touched the hands of those reaching out to her. She even sang to a few men near the stage. As she was wrapping up with her final song, she felt the tears swelling in her eyes. She was made to be on stage and singing for the enjoyment of others. She ended with a smile and a curtsy to the audience. A roar of applause and cheering flooded the arena; she blew the audience kisses, waved, and thanked the crowd.

She walked into her backstage dressing room, closing the door behind her and leaned on it a few minutes. She had did her first major gig as the lead singer. She was still working as a background singer but there was nothing like being the front person, the person they wanted to hear. She smiled and did a happy dance. She walked over to the vanity that was covered with the vases of roses and sat in her chair; taking off her heels, she sipped some water. She inwardly hoped that they would come rushing in to say the audience wanted an encore song from her. She was sweaty, a bit tired but happy.

Walking over to the sink she hummed bars from her last song, relishing in the fact that she had a great voice night, she was not scratchy or hoarse at all. Her voice performed flawlessly and every note was hit with perfection. There was a light knock at the door and then Valerie head popped in

“Come I come in?”

“Of course you can silly.”

Valerie entered and ran over to her with her mouth forming a silent scream and hugged her. “Girl you were a star out there.”

The ladies jumped up and down, twirling in circles as they celebrated. There was another knock at the door. They tried to compose themselves as they both said, “Come in.”

“Hey Bitches!” Cody said as he entered the room. “Amanda you are just the Diva of Divas.”

Amanda walked over to Cody and hugged him, with a big smile on her face. “What the Fuck? I didn’t know you were going to be here.” She looked him up and down, “You look good. What the hell have you been up to?”

“Doing my music thing and doing a gig here or there.” Cody said returning her hug.

Cody was her best friend from the Voice and they had really gotten to know one another and stayed in touch even after he was voted off the show. She was truly upset when he would no longer be on the show and she made sure that every song she sang on the Voice after that would be for Cody. Cody had told everyone that was voting for Team Cody to vote for Team Amanda. She would always be grateful to him.

Happy Fantasies!!! 

Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

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