Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Review and Interview As An Author

Thanks to loyal readers and those assisting me in my journey to become a published author. I was interviewed by Katie L. Thompson on her blog and she reviewed Dream Lover.

Check out her review here:

Check out my interview here:

More to come.... April 30th is coming soon... Are you excited?

Happy Fantasies!!!
Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preview: Upcoming Titles Available on April 30th

The time is coming and I am excited that my first erotica romance ebooks will be available on amazon exclusively. Get ready to purchase them on April 30th. Please, Please, write a review after you read them. I would love to hear what you think.

To my loyal followers and supporters... Here is a preview of two of the titles.

Available 4/30/2013
In My Dreams By Lynn Davis
Price 2.99
Available exclusively on Amazon

Destiny Long desires passion and excitement in her life. Coming out of a long- term relationship, she decides to take a chance on love and do something out of the ordinary. When she is emerged into a lifestyle of a Rock Star, she finds that life can offer everything she hoped for and more.

After a weekend of a whirlwind romance, James Michael is enamored by Destiny's sophistication and how easy it is to be around her. She is nothing like the women he has dated before. He decided she is the girl of his dreams and allows his heart to open up to her.

In the end will they make it work?

Excerpt: (In My Dreams)

Destiny wanted something exciting in her life. She was tired of the run of the mill. Her life just seemed to be very ordinary and uneventful. Having just broken up with the love of her life, Gary, she was ready to explore a new journey.

He had liked to keep things neat and orderly. She wanted to do something wild and out of character. They would wake up and shower together, with no hanky panky. Then they ate breakfast normally, splitting a grapefruit, toast with no butter, and coffee. He would read the paper while she synchronized their calendars. Off to work they would go, talking mid-morning via email or a short phone call. Lunch was on their own unless it was an anniversary or birthday. Once they returned home, it would be dinner and small talk about their day. They would watch TV, and each had their night to control the remote then about 9:30 it was lights out. There might be some lovemaking, but shortly before they broke up, she had begun to pleasure herself in the bathroom before joining him in bed.

To some, she should be grateful for her life. Gary never stepped out of line. He never hit her, made her cry or had an affair. Her friends told her often how she had a good man. Destiny never doubted that Gary was a good man. She just wondered if she was living the best life she could. She had desires. She had dreams. No matter how she tried to quiet them, they were there, and in the middle of the night, they called to her.

When Destiny finally told Gary that she needed and wanted more, it was no surprise to him. He packed his bags and left her apartment and her life without even glancing backwards once. Now it had been six months, and she was ready for some flavor.

She joined Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because everyone at the office seemed to be on one or the other, if not all. She thought it might be an interesting way to be reintroduced to the dating scene. She even joined a few dating sites but didn’t check them regularly enough really to see the benefit. She was itching to be back in the saddle and learn a few new tricks along the way.

Her body ached to be touched, and Destiny was not going to suppress her sexuality any longer. She was a caterpillar that spun her cocoon, only later to transform into a beautiful butterfly, and now she wanted to spread her wings and fly. She wanted to see what her dreams would feel like in reality. She had to experience them all, one dream at a time, no regrets.

Available 4/30/2013
Dream Lover By Lynn Davis
Price .99
Available exclusively on Amazon

Kayla Johnson dreams of a man that will love and accept her the way she is. In the past her relationships have been less than desirable. They would start with promise only to fizzle out. She really wanted to experience love but she didn't want to settle for what she had been involved in before.

Kayla has no idea that she had caught the eye of David White and he is everything she hoped a lover would be. She keeps waiting for reality to set in, for the passion and heat to drain out. David wonders why she is holding back and decides to win her heart no matter the cost or the length of time.

Will Kayla let go and just fall into his David's arms?

Excerpt: (Dream Lover)

Kayla was both nervous and excited. She had waited for this day for a long time. So far, everything was perfect. She awoke almost two hours earlier than she normally had. It was 5 a.m., and she could not get back to sleep. She rolled over to her side and looked out the bay window that overlooked her back yard. She could almost hear all the voices of her friends and family congratulating her for completing her degree in record time and with honors. She sighed with satisfaction. Today was graduation day. She decided to get up, turn on The Morning News show, and make sure the weather forecast had not changed. It was supposed to get at least ninety, and there hadn’t been any clouds in the sky yesterday. She hoped for the same today.

Grabbing the remote, she turned on the TV and headed for the kitchen to start the coffee. She smiled as she remembered the gift that her mother had given her a month ago to help her save money. She had been frequenting Starbucks about five times a day, getting her favorite drink, a tall Caramel Mocha Macchiato. Her mother had gasped at her admission, and three days later she had bought her a coffee maker that had all the bells and whistle for making any coffee beverage she could think of.

Kayla entered the kitchen and looked around. There were a few dishes in the sink from last night, and the floor could use a good sweeping. She decided to start the coffee maker and then clean the kitchen while she waited. Once her kitchen was clean, she returned to her room with a fresh cup of coffee in her hand. Now she needed to decide what to wear.

Looking at the clock it was only 5:45 a.m. Graduation did not start until 11 a.m. Her sister was coming at 9a.m. to do her hair and makeup. She rolled her eyes. Alice was such a girl and made such a fuss when it came to special events. However, today was a special day and she wanted to look special, especially when David saw her.

Kayla and David had been in the same study groups a few times, and she had to admit that she really liked him. He was very attractive. He seemed a bit serious most of the time but when he smiled, it lit up his face. His hazel eyes were bright and intense. She could get lost in those eyes. She found herself watching him as he explained a case study or read. She just liked looking at him. Kayla felt her body heating up. She had noticed her body responding more and more to him. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it but she did seem to mind it this morning.

She sat on the bed and decided to read for about an hour. While in school, other than reading for class, she really didn’t have time to read. She sat her back against the head board and pick up her Kindle. Scrolling through the carousel, frowning at the titles that scrolled by. She finally decided to read Absolution by Susannah Sandlin. She recalled reading Redemption last summer.

“Let’s see what the Vampires in Penton are up to now,” she said aloud.

Happy Fantasies!!!
Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Writing Music :) The Official List of Songs I Listen To When I Write!!!

Okay so I wrote about how I wrote 4 new ebooks in 21 days. They will be  available on amazon on April 30th. I am so excited but I thought I would just share with you my music list. This is the music I listen to to write or to get in the mood for writing. I am really don't listen to music while I am writing because then I will dance and sing more than I write.

Hope you enjoy the list.

Sine I am an Adam Levine/Maroon 5 FAN!!! you will see a lot of their music...

  1. Can you Feel It - Jackson 5
  2. She will Be loved - Maroon 5
  3. Payphone - Maroon 5
  4. This Love - Maroon 5
  5. Daylight - Maroon 5
  6. If - Janet Jackson
  7. One More Night - Maroon 5
  8. Smile - Kirk Franklin
  9. Stomp - Kirk Franklin
  10. Baby - Adele
  11. Rolling In the Deep - Adele
  12. Yes - Q Parker
  13. Someone Like You - Adele
  14. I Dont Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
  15. Belong To you - Q Parker
  16. The Air I Breathe - Maroon 5
  17. My Life - 50 cent (featuring Adam Levine and Eminem)
  18. Because you love me - Celine Dion
  19. Power of Love - Celine Dion
  20. I Will always Love you - Whintey Houston
  21. Saving All My Love - Whitney Houtson
  22. What A Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera
  23. Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera
  24. Op101, Piano Sonata in A Maj - Beethoven
  25. Op28, Pastoral Sonata - Beethoven
  26. Secret - Maroon 5
  27. If I Never See You Again - Maroon 5
  28. Body Work - Morgan Paige
  29. Killing Me Softly With His Song - Fugees
  30. Last One Standing - Tyler Byrant & the Shakedown
  31. Linda Let Me Be The One - Bruce Springsteen
  32. My Dear - Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics
  33. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes (Featuring Adam Levine)
  34. Woman - Maroon 5
  35. Suit and Tie - Justine Timberlake (Featuring Jay Z)
  36. Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
  37. Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson

So there you have it. This is my writing playlist but you know it will change for the net stories/novels I am sure. Enjoy!

Happy Fantasies!!!

Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

Friday, April 5, 2013

Congrats Sister!! Update as of 3/5/2013

My sister just finished her last final for school and found out today that she will be graduating. The crazy thing is we both are moving to another level. She is graduating with her second AA and I am about to launch 4  NEW Stories in ebook format. Yes on Amazon and other sites. But there is a story behind this. Yes, and I am going to share it with you.

So, I wanted to just say that I have not forgotten about you my faithful and loyal readers. Please don't give up on me. It's been a stressful time, but it's been good stress. So let me share the story with those of you that may not be familiar with what's been going on. I have tried to keep my twitter and Facebook updated but NOW it's time to share the real deal.

So, I got it into my head that their are authors like myself that have something to say but are so new to the business that they need someone that will walk them through the process. I have some great author friends that are willing to answer questions for me but then again, they need to write and be with family so I cant monopolize all their time.

Here's the Short Version of the story:

So on February 8, 2013, I ordered my Kindle Fire. I had a kindle that was stolen back in December and Had originally not replaced it because I was going to get an Ipad. However, On Feb 8th I decided that I wanted my Kindle back. So I ordered it. When it arrived, I immediately started loading it with books. :).  However, I was on a mission to get information on Self Publishing, Writing and marketing ebooks. I downloaded a few titles that were disappointing but most of the books like "How to Write Hot Sex" by prominent Erotica Romance authors was extremely inspiring and informational. Another book that got my blood flowing was "How I Wrote 2 ebooks in 21 days". Now I read this book on March 3rd and on March 6th I started my own 21 day journey.

So As I read this book, I thought if He could read a book and use it's techniques to write 2 ebooks. Why couldn't I. So I went to find the two books he used to inspire him. BTW- Those books were "How to Write A Nonfiction ebook in 21 Days" and "How I Sold 1 Million ebooks in 5 Months". So Amazon gives you that customers that brought this book also bought these books. One of the books that was there was "How I Made Over 42000 in one month selling my Kindle Ebooks" I now feel that I am armed and ready to make a drastic change in my life. On March 4th, I set up my plan, I read How to write a nonficition ebook in 21 days and How I sold 1 million ebooks. On March 5th I read How I Made over 42,000 in one month selling my kindle ebooks. I set up my strategy and announced to facebook and twitter (via Facebook) that I was going to write 4 ebooks in 21 days starting March 6, 2013. I set my alarm for 6AM and took a deep breath.

Now on March 6, I got up and started writing. I wrote for 6 hours a day. 2 hours for three books. I made sure that each day I wrote at least 6 hours. Now I have to admit out of the 21 days, I have 5 days of no writing and 2 days of procrastination. However, I announced that March 27, 2013 was my deadline. on March 27, 2013 all four ebooks were complete and ready for the editors. Oh I forgot so were the covers. YAY!!!

March 28th I was exhausted and read a few books and did not think about writing at all. I did contact my editors to let them know the books were going to be on their way. March 29th, I read all books and made a few corrections and changes. March 30th I rewrote Dream lover entirely. March 31, (Easter) I emailed the ebooks to the  editors all except Enticed, which I will email tonight. Chapter 5 was a complete rewrite for that one and my brain was bleeding. LOL. I had to recoup before rewriting it.

Now I have an audio ad for my launch date of April 30, 2013. I have banners for my website, even a welcome video for my website. :) Been a busy little bee. So I just wanted to let you know what is happening. I am excited about this launch and I hope that you all will check out the four books. Enticed, will be the first in a Rhonda Emerson Series. Dream Lover a short story, Educating Mia and finally In my Dreams. I understand that these books will be considered short stories or novellas but getting my feet wet, I think they are going to be pleasing to those who read my work on Literotica.

So now the real work begins. Because you are so loyal... Here's a view of Dream Lover cover... Let me know  what you think. Also let me know if I should reveal the others?

Happy Fantasies!!!
Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale