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An up close and personal look at the writer behind the stories.
I've been busy writing, since I joined Literotica in 2012. I started writing, when I was 33-years-old. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology in 2007. I am currently in school for a Masters in communication and Theology. So I guess I am the average author of romance novel or even Erotica. 

In 2012, I joined Literoctica and write under Vickivale. My story, The Day My Life Changed, was my first submission. Presently, I am considered a virgin on Literotica, but I am having a blast reading the comments and seeing how the readers of Literotica rated my stories. I am currently working on three story series and two celebrity pieces. I found that characters come to me and I have a journal where I will start to develop them and explore their stories. Literotica is one way that I am expressing who I am and sharing my happy fantasies with of the 50,000 readers there.

Much of what I write is from my real life experiences. A writer can only write what he or she knows. Many of my stories are true with an added WHAT IF or IF ONLY element. I do change names, places and plot to keep the guilty innocent LOL. However the ones not from my personally life is from my fantasies about me with someone or two others that I might like see together. I have a very active fantasy life.

Now that you know something about me, I'd love to hear from you. Mostly, I would also like to ask for your vote and for your feedback. Too many readers don't vote. I don't know why that is? For every 1,000 readers, who open a story to read, only 5 readers will vote. That's a shameful statistic, but a true one. Still, that number pales in comparison to the next number. For every 10,000 readers, who open a story to read, only 5 readers will leave a feedback comment and/or add me or any writer and/or my story or any story to their favorite lists. Now, how would you feel, if you put so much time and effort in writing a free story and readers can't even take the time to vote and/or make a comment.

I hope to enter some of my stories in the future to contests, with that said I'm dependent upon you, dear reader, for your voting support. I'd love to win a few dollars in a contest. Literotica has monthly contests and six theme contests, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, National Nude Day, Summer Lovin', Halloween, and the Winter Holidays contest. When you read my story, please vote, comment, and/or add me and/or that writer and story to your favorites list.

I love to write and must write but, also, I write for your sexual pleasure, I mean, of course, your reading enjoyment/entertainment. We writers write for free. Just as Literotica does not charge you to read the stories nor does Literotica pay us to write them. All that I ask in return for writing you my story is for you to vote and/or make a comment.

Truly, I'd love for everyone to like the stories that I write but it's so much better for me to know why you liked the story or didn't like the story. How am I, as writer, going to write better stories for you, dear reader, if you don't tell me what you want and what you enjoy reading? Help me to help you. Vote, comment, and add me and my stories to your favorites list. Those interactions on your part inspire me to write better stories.

Also, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and my blog. The more interaction we can have; the more I will become the writer I am destined to be and when I get that publishing contract, believe me, I will throw some love and appreciation your way.

I thank you in advance for your votes, rates and/or comments.

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