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Nikki roles plays by Malcolm and me

This is a collaboration between me and one of my followers on Twitter. Hope you all enjoy it. It was spontaneous and free style. Look for more of these to come. Thanks Malcolm for making me a better writer. If you enjoy the story let @bigwomenrock on twitter know. Smooches!

Lynn Davis

PS. Mal parts are marked as such. You should also know this is how the story was typed into the BBM messenger. Later I may develop a story around this scene but for now... WYSIWYG! (what you see is what you get)


Mal: Nikki was the sort of girl who turned heads, opened mouths, and hardened cocks with just a glance, She marched into the office to the manager of the bank, turned and locked the door.

VV: She strolled over to his desk, she was determined to get the load she needed, she tossed her hair and sat directly across from him. licking her lips she smiled and said "Good Morning."

Mal: I'm sorry Nikki, said the manager, "but as I said on the phone, with your credit history, a loan is out of the question. Nikki rose from the chair and sat on the edge of his desk allowing her skirt to ride up just high enough to show the tops of her stockings.

VV: The manger's eyes were fixed on her creamy smooth mocha thigh. She left her fingers inch her skirt up. "Well," she asked "Is there anything I can do to change your mind. I would be willing to do anything."

 Her skirt now revealed she was not wearing any panties. His breath caught as he licked his lips when he saw the glistening shaven honey pot she was showing him. "Anything" she said again.

Mal: She swung her legs around resting each leg on the arms of his opulent leather chair. He could almost taste her pussy. She bent over and took his tie off, and then started to unbutton his shirt. 

"Well," he stuttered "There might be a way."

"Only might." she purred. "Might is not good enough if you want to suck this pussy. 

She put a finger into her pussy, then placed it to his lips. "Does that taste good?" she demanded.

VV: He cleared his throat and pushed his glasses back onto his nose. His tongue darted out to taste her sweet juices. He was engrossed in her scent. 

"I am sure we have a program that will allow you to get a loan, it may not be for the total amount but I am sure we can approve at least half."

Nikki narrowed her eyes and lowered her hands to caress his hardening cock. "Only half does not get this into my mouth" she leaned closer so her full lips were inches away from is "and I know you want it in my mouth don't you."

Mal: He composed himself long enough to bark orders down to the phone. 

"The full amount will be in your account by the end of the day." 

She lowered herself down to her knees, unzipped his pants, and released his throbbing cock. she started by slowly licking up and down the shaft as he moaned with pleasure. 

As she did so she began to unbutton her top and caressed her pert gleaming breast.

VV: She took the full length of his cock into her mouth with tiny caresses of her tongue on his balls and then released him. She did it over and over again. He was shuddering with excitement  Now that he had what she wanted he was going to get what he wanted. He reached down and started pulling on her hard nipples with one hand and guiding her head with the other.

"Yes that's it suck my cock sweetheart.

She moaned sending shills through his body. The room was filled with the slurping sound of her lips on his cock and erratic breathing.

Mal: "You like that" she purred. Time to return the compliment now. She climbed onto his chair her legs astride him. her shaven pussy was demanding to be licked and eaten. He was not about to disappoint. He gently licked around the lips of her quivering maidenhood, before inserting his tongue deep inside her seeking out that swollen clit. She pulled his head closer writhing in ecstasy as his tongue continued deeper and faster.

VV: She let out a moan. Intertwining her fingers in his, she tugged gently.  She could feel the pressure building in her core. Her legs started to shaking and her stomach was flip flopping. She started grinding hos face. He simply grab her ass and pull her into his mouth. She was losing control and her orgasm was coming quick. Her body stiffen and she screamed as her juices gushed out of her. He kept licking and drinking her into his mouth. As she began to recover from the first of many orgasms, he stood taking her face into his large hands and kissed her deeply.  She returned the kiss with with the same passion. 

Reluctantly he pulled away from her mouth leaning her back to have better access to her breast.He took one nipple into his mouth and caressed and squeezed the other. Then switching places. She arched her back giving him complete access to her tits.  He looked up into her face and smiled. Releasing her nipple, he asked, "Are you ready to be fucked...hard!"

Mal: She did not have to answer. He knew she was ready. He lifted her up turned her over and pushed her down onto the desk. He gently eased her leg apart and them taking her from behind thrust his cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that he could kiss her ruby red lips.

"Come Mr Big Shot Bank Manager is that the best you can do," she asked, "This bitch wants it harder and faster. Are you up to the job? Show me what you got."

VV: He slammed into her balls deep. She said, "Oh, Fuck yeah!"

He slammed into her again, her pussy clenched his big cock. "That's right it little girl."

He slammed into her again, his balls slapping against her clit. She groaned and said "Gimme that cock."

"Your pussy is so fucking tight and wet." he hissed 'You wanted this cock , didn't you slut." He kissed her neck before he let go of her hair and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto his cock. 

He growled, "You might be walking a bit funny when you leave here cause I'm going to fuck you senseless. You like that slutty little girl. You want to be fucked really good don't you." He smacked her ass and continued to pound her pussy.

Mal: He continued thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster. Smacking her ass until he could see the red hands marks appearing on each cheek. she let out a moan of pleasure as she came for what seemed like the hundredth time. 

"get ready you dirty bitch this cock is getting ready to unload. Where do you want me to cum? In your pussy, in your ass, in your mouth, on your face or all over your tits?"

VV: "I want to swallow your cum. I want you to cum in my mouth."

He pumped her a few more times and then he pulled out as she knelt before him and started sucking his cock. He grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her in the mouth pushing deeper into her throat with his balls slapping against her chin. She felt his cock spasm, she knew he was going to explored into her mouth  she opened her mouth wider and shifted her breathing to breath out of her nose. She closed her eyes as his his cock slide further into her throat. With a loud moan, he released his jism into her mouth and gritted his teeth with the release.

Mal: He had so much cum she could not swallow fast enough and it trickled down her cheeks dripping onto her tits. She continued sucking and pumping hes cock with her mouth until she had drawn every last drop from his cock. she scooped up the cum on her tits with her fingers and drank it down she was determined to enjoy very last drop. 

"Did you enjoy that bitch. Was it worth a lousy 500 dollar loan?"

VV: "Absolutely Dear. Now what did you want for dinner this evening." she said thoroughly sated.

He helped his wife up and kissed her little dirty mouth. "Whatever you decide on. You know I will eat every drop of it." they laughed as they started to put their clothes back on.

Mal: Nikki so looked forward to their role playing nights. Last week they were strangers meeting in a hotel bar, and next week she will be a hooker picked up on the street corner. they kissed, she unlocked the door, winked at his secretary on the way out saying I think he is ready for some dictation now.

Happy Fantasies!!! 

Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

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