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Danielle and David

So, I am taking a personal experience and making it totally fiction by saying What If... So look for some twist and turns in this one. Here's a sample of what you can read on Literotica now. Chapter two will be posted soon.

Danielle and David (c) 2012

One Year Ago

It was a gloomy Saturday, the sky looked like it would rain, no scratch that, it looked like it would storm any moment. I was stuck in the house and was bored out of my mind. I had watched twilight for the fifth time in that day and was going stir crazy. I went to my kitchen to get something to snack on. “Why is it that when you are bored all you can do is think about snack foods?” I teased myself as I opened the door to my pantry and glanced around. Nothing seemed to really jump out to me. Especially, since I had removed all my fun foods. I had gotten on this eat healthier kick, so the rice cakes were not as appealing as I thought they would be.

I finally settled on some saltine crackers with peanut butter spread over them. I signed as I walked over to the TV and switched the cable box from the AV back to the TV setting. As I flipped through the channels a commercial about a live singles line caught my attention. I watched the commercial and decided to give it a try; I walked over to my purse on the kitchen table to get my cell phone out and pressed the numbers. As I stood there I starred at my phone feeling like this is the first signs of desperation. So I put the phone down and walked back over to the stand in front of the TV and flipped through some more channels. I chuckled to myself…really I was not THAT girl. I was not a desperate chick. Again the commercial caught my attention on a different channel. The voiceover on the commercial was saying

Are you bored?” Looking for some friendly conversation? Meet people like you on our LIVE singles line.” Then they flashed people having everyday conversations, smiling and laughing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. I wanted to have fun too. That was it.

“Aw hell I’m bored.” I said to myself and walked over to the table and picked up my cell phone, this time I pressed send.


I listened to the introductions of a few guys nothing really stood out until I heard it.

“Hi My name is David I live in Union City and I am looking for someone to chat with on this almost storming Saturday afternoon. I am 6’2, blonde hair and in pretty good physical condition. I am told by the ladies that I am easy on the eyes too. So, let’s chat, who knows where it will lead.”

Then the recorded voice said “If you like to talk to this caller, press 1 to send then a request for live conversation, press 2 to just send them a flirty message. If you don’t want to speak with this caller then press 3 to go to the next caller or press 4 to block this caller and you will not hear any more of their messages.”

I pressed 1.


It had been three weeks since David and I started chatting on the live Singles line. We had exchanged cell numbers and texted and chatted often. Mostly we talked about our lives what our day was like, where we grow up. How we spent our down time. He told me he had two kids from a prior relationship. He had never been married. He worked for a factory near his home and he did a bit in professional body building but now he was doing the personal training thing at a gym he and his best bud had opened a year ago. I told him that I lived in San Leandro and that I was going to school at University of Phoenix while working as a secretary for a local construction company. I had no kids and had never been married. The only family that I had was in San Francisco and we tried to see each other pretty often.

Our conversations were the highlights of my days. I would try to picture what he did while we talked and what kind of facial expressions he made in response to some of my statements and questions. I wanted to know what he looked like when he would chuckle after I said something funny.


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