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I Never Meant to Fall in Love

Here is a sample of my first series story on Literotica. I am having a ball writing this story and I love getting comments and ratings. So check me out on Literotica

I Never Meant to Fall In Love (c) 2012

Chapter 1

Esau opened his eyes effortlessly as though he had not just awakened from a sound sleep. It was Friday morning, he had a short day at the office and then he would be heading to the airport. He was taking a forced vacation. He had accumulated too many vacation hours and had to use them or lose them. He was a workaholic and damn proud of it. He reflected on how he had not become the youngest CEO for a booming company by chance. He had invested years into his education while taking every opportunity afforded him to get there. Hell, it had cost him three relationships and a marriage. Needless to say, he was a man on a mission. He had worked for everything he had and he was not going to lose it due to frivolous living.

He reflected back as a child, his mother would read the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible. He and his brother Jacob were named after them because they two were twins. Esau remembers how his name sake had lost everything to his younger brother because he was careless. He had vowed he never wanted to be that guy, even if they did have the same name. Now he smiled at what he had accomplished in just seven years.

He yawned and stretched his long muscular athletic physique. He had to admit his bed was especially inviting this morning. He glanced over at the alarm clock. The time read 4:30AM. He rolled his eyes and cursed, “Damn! Man, can you ever sleep in. You set your alarm for 6:30 and here you lie wide awake.” He chuckled to himself. “Well, better get the party started”, He thought amusingly. He pulled the covers back as he slid his body to a sitting position. His large feet touch the mahogany hardware flooring that sent a chill through his body. He noticed he wasn’t awake by himself. He smiled, “Hello Lil respect”. This is the name he gave his cock, because all the women around the office complained about how all they wanted was a little respect. He had made plans on giving it to them but he could never get himself to stop working to become the player he fantasized about. One thing he truly enjoyed was sleeping in the nude. He liked how the fancy sheets his sister made him buy did really feel soft against his skin. But more importantly it made for easy access, but who was he kidding; it had been three years since his divorce and he had not even tried to become sexual with a woman. His easy access these days was to “Palmina”, he would settle for that for now. Looking around to the other side of his bed, he longed for the soft wetness of a real woman.

He pushed off his bed to a standing position and walked over to his bathroom. He had to admit since allowing his sister, Rachel to redecorate his house, he liked being at home. He still regretted the carpet decision. He should have kept the carpet in the bedrooms at least. But the hardware flooring was growing on him. He made a mental note to tell Rachel to get more rugs. He turned on the shower and caught his reflection in the mirror. Although he was in good shape with no fat on his body, he was losing his definition. He patted his stomach and vowed to get back to the gym soon. He glanced up rubbing his hand through his tousled curly hair, he thought I need to get a hair but before I leave. He stepped into the shower allowing the tepid water to cascade down his body, he began to sing “Pretty woman walking down the street…”

Six months ago

“Mr. Robertson, you have a call on line two from Stewart Reynolds about the new plans for the “Finland Project” and Michael from HR asked if you could call him when you get a chance.” Lauren voice came through the intercom.

“Thanks. Can you come to my office? I have a few letters that need to be sent out special delivery today.”

“On my way.” She agreed.

In a matter of seconds, Lauren appeared in his office doorway. It was something about her presence that made him nervous and excited all at once. Her outfit was not provocative, but she sure as hell made it sexy. She wore a rich plum colored soft textured sweater with a v-neck that gave a teasing peek of her chocolate cleavage and hinted the roundness of her ample breast. Her sweater, emphasizing her flat stomach, lay complimentary on her black pencil skirt that gripped her curved hips like a glove as it caressed her thighs and just kissed her knees showing off those sheer barely there pantyhose she wore that made the shape of her legs more defined while neatly tucked into her black stiletto heels. She smiled at him and said, “Where are those letters?” Her silky voice caused him to look at her lips, sublimely sensual and bold with the same plum color of her blouse expressing their shape and fullness. He continued up to her celestial nose that seemed to always be turned up slightly and finally glazing into her hazel almond shaped eyes that seemed to penetrate to his very soul. He raised the letters in his hand as he reached with his other hand for the phone. He watched her glide over to him and retrieved the letters from his hand and sashay away with her hips moving seductively from side to side. He swore she did that on purpose, just to tease him. She seemed to flaunt her sexiness in front of him. He licked his lips and felt his cock twitch in response to what his eyes saw. He snapped out of his trance.

“Mr. Reynolds”, he said into the phone receiver, “Let me hear the good news.”

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Chapter 2

Two Weeks Later

Lauren got about five different brochures to give to Esau to look through. She was sure what one he would say but she still wanted to give him the option.

“Okay, so here’s the deal, take a look through these and let’s narrow it done to the top three. Then we will do some comparison and then you can choose the best one for you.”

“Lauren, I thought you said painless? This doesn’t look painless to me.”

“Esau, you are not going to come back from your vacation and complain about how it was not what you wanted or thought it would be like. This part you are going to have to decide. Once the decision is made, I promise to handle everything else except pack your bags.” She smiled.


One Month Later

Esau sat at his desk looking over the monthly reports for the “Finland Project”. He was very pleased at the numbers and the projected numbers were very impressive. He wished that he could get Meager and Meager to come aboard at this point but he knew that it would only be a matter of time with the numbers they were getting. He was interrupted by a light knock on his door.

“Yes, come in”

“Okay, here is your vacation package. I just got off the phone with Lisa in the travel department and she assures us that this vacation is all inclusive.”

“Great, so let me hear it.”

“Well, it’s a Multi-Country Europe Vacation. You will have stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Venice and Lucerne with an 8 hour layover in Munich. It is important that I tell you all those you will be traveling with are over 40 and single. So there is no worries of the “Party animal” type in your group”, She said making air quotes. The only other decision you have to make is if you want to take a train ride through the French country side or spend a day or two in Lucerne? She waited from him to respond.

“What would you do?”

“I’d stay in Lucerne.”

“There you have it. Anything else?”

“Yes, your last night will be in Venice, also known as the City of Canals which is hailed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. That being said, since this is a Singles event, they will have a prom like event. You will need to wear a tuxedo to this event.

“Wait a minute; I have to go to a prom. Ren, I’m not sure…”

She interrupted him, Esau; it’s not a real prom. It’s kind of a ‘we been traveling for three weeks together let’s have a formal sendoff’. I mean if you meet someone along the way you can bring them if not you go alone and have a nice dinner. No pressure.”

“Ren, I’m not sure about all that. Do I have to be a part of it; I mean really sounds like too much pressure for me.”

“No, however, it’s included in your price. So you might as well enjoy it.”

“Yeah, yeah, easy for you to say.”

“Well, I will set up the dates and which credit card did you want me to use to pay for this.”

“Okay, thanks again for do all the work on this one. You can the American Express.


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