Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Update For A Lesson in Love

I just posted Chapter Three of A Lesson In Love. I am telling you it's getting heated. You will want to catch up on Chapters 1 & 2 by reading them on

Here's the Link:

For the meantime here's an excerpt for Chapter three.

What's he doing here?
Regina let the door of Espresso Cafe, her favorite coffee house in Fremont, fall shut behind her as she caught the sight of Evan Beck in one of the corner booths of the coffee shop. He sat across from Mindy Baxter, her counselor from the rape center. His hands were shaking pictures as he spoke. His green eyes sparkled with laughter. His dark hair shimmered in the light from the window beside him. 
The green polo shirt he had on draped his shoulders and caressed his pectorals enhancing the color of his eyes, his lone diamond stud glistened as it trapped the color in its angles. 

She looked at the floor and he had on his normal black old school converse and in spite of her emotions she had to smile. She was sure those were the only shoes he owned, his feet were layered over each other one foot turn on its side with the other resting on top of it while bouncing on the one on its side.
He always did that. When they first met about two years ago, she teased him about wearing his dad's shoes from the seventies with his jittery bounce. 
She tried to rein in her errant heart, disappointed that after all this time he still could make her feel like a foolish, breathless teenage girl. He could still make her remember, too easily, how much he had meant to her, especially after the unforgettable night with Bradley.

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