Monday, January 7, 2013

The Man With No Face

She licked her lips, wondering as she brought her knee up onto the bed what it must be like to be a girl in this bed with him. Did he sleep with a lot of girls? She knew of at least one girl when he first moved in, his ex-girlfriend Marta. At the time she asked herself what the fuck kind of name was Marta? In this case it was the type of name that a gorgeous half Indian, half Spanish girl would have, the kind with long dark hair, golden, almond shaped eyes and a tall, lithe frame with curves in the all the right places. Her skin was rich toffee to Cathy's milk chocolate with red undertones, her height and build making Cathy feel like an overly curvy dwarf, even if she was average in terms of height, and her curves were welcomed by plenty. Looking at Marta had made her feel like the twenty year old girl she was then, instead of the woman she had hoped Mark would see. She was exotic and yet strangely accessible, like Taj Mahal in blue jeans, and it physically hurt to know that a woman so different from her could capture her crush's attention.

They seemed like the perfect couple until they broke up. She apparently was ready for more of a commitment, and ready for him to give up music in favor of taking care of her. Mark was ready for her not to be his girlfriend instead.

So what kind of girl did he sleep with now? She only got to visit her sister occasionally during breaks from school, so she never got to see exactly what kind of girl besides Marta could make Mark take a second look. She brought her other knee onto the bed resting on all fours. What would it be like to have him lying in this bed next to her, his hips just barely covered by these sheets the way they were with that towel this morning, his eyes looking at her the way they had looked at Marta? She crawled closer to the center of the bed, smiling seductively at the phantom Mark, pretending she wasn't just crawling towards the cold indent of his body, when her knee landed hard on something tucked under the sheets. The sound of the TV turning on drew her attention to the screen.

Her mouth dropped, her eyes widened.

So did the eyes and mouth of the girl who was getting pounded to within an inch of her life on the screen. The TV was on mute so she couldn't hear, but she could guess at the screams of ecstasy escaping her throat as the guy on screen spread her legs wide and thrust his substantial sized cock into her like a jackhammer. He leaned over, his hand around her throat as he smacked a bobbing breast and took her faster and harder.

Cathy felt her pussy spasm at the sight playing out in front of her paralyzed body. She had seen porn, had sought it out in fact in between boyfriends, and especially when she was with that last horribly inept guy. But she had never seen two people so into it before, so caught up in the movement of their bodies, thrashing and bucking as they tried to capture a real life orgasm. Her breath came out in increasingly short bursts, her thighs clenching and her ass starting to wiggle as her pussy sought out more friction. She watched as the guy bent over and grabbed the pretty brunettes face, whispering something through gritted teeth. His arm made a sharp movement off camera that made the girl nod and bite her lip. He was smacking her ass she realized and when he did it again, when the girl's baby blues rolled back in her head, Cathy finally moved, coming out of her spell enough to find the remote under the folds of fabric.


Her head jerked back at the sound of the girl's voice filling the quiet room. If she was faking it, then she was very good at her job. The pace he set looked punishing and every thrust made a wet slapping sound that permeated Mark's room.

"You like that don't you," the guy said in between sharp gasps of his own. "Fucking slut! Tell me you like it!"

"I like it! Oh, I love it!"

She was rapt over the way his cock seemed to fill and impale her completely, the way her body shuddered with every thrust. She was slamming her eyes shut, and Cathy realized that she was about to see a girl really come on camera from the most brutal fucking she had ever witnessed.

"You coming on my cock, you little slut? Huh?" he growled over her mouth. "You gonna come for me all over my fucking cock?"

Yes, she was. All over it. She was jerking and practically speaking in tongues, and without thinking, Cathy reached between her legs and rubbed her fingertips over the wet spot on her panties, her eyes rapt over the two people fucking like animals on the screen. Her fingers circled the pool of damp cotton, pressing it into her throbbing slit while she knelt on all fours on her crush's bed. The sounds of hardcore fucking filled every corner of the room, slithering over her skin, making each movement of her probing fingers more and more frantic. Before she knew it she was lifting the remote, rewinding to the part she had accidentally clicked on so that she could benefit fully from the images emblazoned in her retina.

She sat back on her knees, dipping her fingers into her panties now, watching and hearing everything through the haze of lust instead of surprise. A part of her couldn't believe how turned on she was. The guy was so forceful, almost cruel. She wondered if it hurt the girl to be fucked that hard, to have that much cock slamming into her that fast. And yet every time it did, every time the camera did a close up of that thick meat driving into her wet, pink slit surrounded by perfectly waxed peaches and cream skin, Cathy gasped. Her tongue swiped over her bottom lip her hips rocking at a steady rhythm against the fingers hidden underneath her skirt. Her nipples were throbbing, having always been so sensitive, and she reached for one, pinching it softly between her thumb and forefinger, and then as an experiment just a little harder. She glanced to her left, seeing herself as she had never looked before in the mirrors lining his closet doors. Her eyes were hooded, her pink lips parted and slick. She could see her nipples jutting out against the white fabric of her tank top, her soft chocolate thighs revealed as she spread her legs wider on Mark's bed.

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Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

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