Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just Join The Survivor Contest on Literotica for 2013

Okay so, I just joined the Survivor contest on Literotica for 2013. this means that I will pushing out more stories. So I am putting myself on a writing schedule it is my hope to write 9 so stories a week. That's three new stories in 3 different categories each week. These will be chapter stories, meaning they will be complete start to finish stories. 

I will still continue my current series on Literotica I Never Meant To Fall In Love, Danielle and David and A Lesson In Love. However, I may not start any new ones. I will also complete my chapter Blog Exclusive Story: Loves Comes When you Least Expect it. 

I will also be publishing three e-books and hopefully by the mid of the year another three. So as you see I am going to be writing my little fingers off. 

In case you are wondering what complete one of my stories look like take a look at The Day My Life Changed or It Was Delicious.

So wish me luck, I hope you will enjoy the new stories.

BTW - if you have a fantasy, a thought, a what if... Let me know it might become a story :) Also, in the new year I am going to spread my stories to other sites too... More to come on that.

Happy Fantasies!!! 

Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale

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Happy Fantasies!!!

Lynn Davis AKA Vicki Vale